The International Academy of the Suzuki Method History
Subtitle translations for the film “Birch Trees and Violins”

“白樺とバイオリン(Birch Trees and Violins)” is an old and lovely short film, in which Dr.Suzuki’s spirit can be seen.
The video of “Birch Trees and Violins” with English subtitles was completed through the great efforts of Ruth Miura, and has been released on YouTube with the support of our president Dr. Hayano.

This time, the English subtitles have also been translated into several other languages!

Italian translation(PDF)

French translation(PDF)

Lietuviu kalba
Lithuanian translation(PDF)

Spanish translation(PDF)

Português brasileiro
Portuguese(Brazilian) translation(PDF)

German translation(PDF)

Tiêng Viêt
Vietnamese translation(PDF)

Portuguese(Portugal) translation(PDF)

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to the translators: Mauro Bianco Levrin (Italian), Caroline Charland (French), Luciana da Silva Konda (Portuguese), Kaunas Suzuki Primary School (Lithuanian), Núria Cervantes (Spanish),Joseph Franzen(German),Brainworks Studio(Vietnamese) and Ruth Miura (for managing all the translations).

The translations into some other languages are currently being prepared. We hope that more people around the world will enjoy the film with the translations in their own languages.