機関誌218号に掲載した「鈴木鎮一先生ゆかりの地」では、イギリス・スコットランドのセント・アンドリュース大学を取り上げました。英国王室のウィリアム皇太子とキャサリン妃の卒業校としても知られる同校から、1990年に鈴木鎮一先生が名誉音楽博士号を授与されたからでした。その授与式に、ポーランドから参加されたピアノ科指導者であるKasia先生(Ms.Katarzyna Borowiak)からのメッセージについては、誌面スペースの関係から抜粋で紹介しましたが、こちらで全文を紹介します。


 なお、この記事に添え書きされたKasia先生からの”It was a sentimental journey back in time for me.”(私にとってはセンチメンタルなタイムスリップの旅でした)とお寄せいただいたメッセージは、関東地区チェロ科指導者の寺田義彦先生が、2023年9月に派遣指導先のニュージーランドで、Wellington Suzuki Spring Workshopから、ニュージーランド指導者研究会会場のあるRotoruaに向かう際に、プロペラ機で英国からの招待講師Kasia Browiak 先生と同席されたことに端を発しています。機内で隣同士の間柄で、1990年の鈴木先生の音楽名誉博士号授与式のお手伝いをされていたKasia先生から、当時の様々なエピソードや写真を見せていただき、大いに話が弾まれました。

Dr. Shinichi Suzuki at the University of St Andrews


  In August of 1990 Dr Suzuki attended Scotland’s oldest University of St Andrews to receive an honorary degree of Doctor of Music. His visit coincided with the 9th European Suzuki Conference attended by over 1,100 students from Europe, Australia, China, Japan and the US.
  Dr Suzuki and his wife Waltraud touched down at Gatwick airport on the 16th of August to be greeted by groups of young violinists. The streets of the small, ancient town of St Andrews were decorated with welcome banners in high anticipation of this unique event.

At Anne's Home in St. Andrews

Dr Suzuki and his wife were hosted by Anne and Henry Turner. Anne, who passed away ten years ago, was a charismatic piano teacher trainer and a co-founder of the British Suzuki Institute and the European Suzuki Association (ESA). Henry was then Chairman of the ESA. In 1990 they had only just moved to Scotland from Hertfordshire where Anne ran her successful studio for many years. Their new home in St Andrew’s was an historic, Grade II stone house neighbouring the city walls. Incidentally, it was also adjacent to a pub frequented by Prince William and the Duchess of Wales (then Kate Middleton), who studied at the University. While in Scotland, Anne’s pupils included the daughter of HRH Duchess of Gloucester amongst children of many other prominent figures.
  I knew Anne as my teacher trainer, whose warm personality and great belief in education of young children attracted many professionals from all over the UK. By observing her teach we were all inspired to become better tutors. Anne’s unique gift and management skills brought us all closer together. Many teachers, parents and Suzuki Method supporters got involved in the event.
  The Conference began with a children’s course on the 7th of August 1990 in preparation for the arrival of the 92-year-old Sensei. Multiple concerts, lessons and lectures by teachers from all over the world filled St Andrews with music. The whole town was buzzing.
  The highlight was a children’s concert at the University’s 1,000-seat Younger Hall to raise money for the Save the Children Fund in presence of HRH Duchess of Gloucester. The Degree Ceremony took place on the 17th of August at that very hall. Its neo-classical style offered a sense of magnificence as well as perfect acoustics for the most distinguished guests. The Chancellor of St Andrew’s University Sir Kenneth Dover gave a moving speech, at which he pointed out, ‘I have spent my life on the easy part of education, teaching people over eighteen. Dr Suzuki has tackled the difficult part, young children.’ I couldn’t be luckier to have seen Dr Suzuki in person. Young Suzuki students appeared on stage playing beautifully with skills beyond their age, displaying the effectiveness of his method. Dr Suzuki had such a presence and humanity.

Garden Party at Anne's home in St Andrews

  Children surrounded him wherever and whenever he went. Anne Turner offered Dr Suzuki her home to stay, organised interviews and meetings, wining and dining the distinguished guests. Many teachers and renowned visitors were introduced to Dr Suzuki during her garden parties.
  My husband and I, both pianists, graduates from the Fryderyk Chopin Academy of Music (Warsaw, Poland) accompanied a number of young soloists at masterclasses and concerts, including the Doctorate Ceremony - a particularly moving occasion. Our then two-year-old son, whom we brought with us has been enriched by the nurturing environment of the Mother Tongue Approach and by the awareness and sensitivity we have developed during my training and involvement at many Suzuki events. He is now a concert pianist and a professor of piano at a leading Academy of Music in Poland.

At Anne's Studio in Aldenham

  Anne always shared with us Dr Suzuki’s wisdom, sense of humour and anecdotes, including his holding of a bow with the help of a cigarette holder, having a dance with students or teaching cello and piano using a lady’s handbag to correct the position of the elbow. Most importantly it was his age-defying smile and ability to communicate with any and every child.
  Mrs Suzuki was a frequent visitor to the UK. Eleonore Fürstin zu Salm-Salm, at the time the Honorary President of ESA and also from Germany (born in the Pomorze region of present Poland), together with Waltraud were very keen for the Method to spread across Central and Eastern Europe. My home town - Poznań (Poland) is a mere two-hour train journey from Berlin. Our warm conversations about Poland created a special bond.

At 13 World Convention

The Polish Suzuki Association would not have developed so dynamically had these contacts not been established. Even though Mrs Suzuki was later confined to a wheelchair, she attended concerts and a presentation on the Suzuki Philosophy at the Japanese Embassy in London. Later, during the 13th Suzuki World Convention in Matsumoto the Polish Suzuki Association was presented with smallest-size violins, a gift from children from Japan.
  A symbolic gesture connecting Dr Suzuki’s spirit with a younger generation of educators in a faraway land. We are grateful for the friendship that has created so many opportunities.
Katarzyna Borowiak(ESA Piano Teacher Trainer)





 ハイライトは、グロスター公爵夫人のご臨席のもと、セーブ・ザ・チルドレン基金への寄付を募るため、大学の1,000人収容のヤングホールで開催された子どもたちのコンサートでした。学位記授与式は8月17日、まさにそのホールで行なわれました。そのネオ・クラシック様式のホールは、観客に完璧な音響効果をもたらし、壮麗な雰囲気を醸し出していました。セント・アンドリューズ大学のケネス・ドーバー学長は感動的なスピーチで、 「私は18歳以上の人々に教えるという、教育の簡単な部分に人生を費やしてきましたが、鈴木先生は幼児という難しい部分に取り組んでこられました。鈴木先生を生で見ることができて、これほど幸運なことはありません」と話しました。ステージに登場した若いスズキの生徒たちは、年齢以上の技術で見事に演奏し、彼のメソードの有効性を示していました。鈴木先生にはそんな存在感と人間性があります。










Katarzyna Borowiak先生