Especially Memorial Events for“Talent Education”

There have been so many memorial events for the Talent Education Institute that it would be impossible to list them all. Examples of these events are:
In 1961, the cello master, Pablo Casals, came to Japan. He was deeply impressed by the performances of 400 Suzuki children at the Bunkyo Kokaido in Tokyo. After this concert he hugged Dr. Suzuki and made the following statement, “Ladies and Gentlemen, I assist to one of the most moving scenes that one can see.-Perhaps it is music that will save the world. ”
In April, 1978 the“U.S.-Japan Friendship concerts”were held in Washington, D.C., Atlanta, and New York City during a fruitful 10-day concert tour. An especially memorial event during this tour was on April 9 at the concert which took place at the Kennedy Center in Washington. President and Mrs. Carter attended this concert and were so greatly impressed with the performance by 200 American and Japanese children that they came up on the stage at the end of the concert where President Carter openly expressed admiration for Dr. Suzuki and his work.
Another honorable event was on October 13 in 1984 when a historical concert marking the 20th anniversary of the first U.S. tour was held in New York City presented by Carnegie Hall. This was the 2nd occasion for the Japanese tour group to be honored by the great Hall, and it created a great sensation for the“ Suzuki Method”.
In June 1991, in Birmingham, England, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) at their General Assembly, selected“Nagano”as the site of the 1998 Winter Olympics. The Committee members were immensely impressed not only with the performances by 13 Suzuki Children (violin and cello students) who visited Birmingham, but also by the unique philosophy of Dr. Suzuki. The Suzuki Children were able to contribute to the success of the Nagano Winter Olympics through music, the international language.
Every year at the end of March the Grand Concert is held at the Budokan Hall in Tokyo.More than 3,000 Suzuki children gather from throughout Japan and perform together. This year the 52nd Grand Concert was held on March 30.

Countries where classes of“Suzuki Method”are located
Iceland, Ireland, United States of America, Argentine, United Kingdom, Israel, Italy, Ecuador, Egypt, Austria, Australia, Holland, Canada, Korea, Columbia, Singapore, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Formosa, Chile, China, Denmark, Turkey, Namibia, Germany, Japan, New Zealand, Norway, Philippines, Finland, France, Portugal, Malaysia, Brazil, Peru, Belgium, Mexico.(38 countries altogether)

Cities who sponsored World Conventions where many instructors and students from all over the world participate
 The Host CityDate
1Hawaii, U.S.A.June, 1975
2Hawaii, U.S.A.June, 1977
3San Francisco, U.S.A.August, 1978
4Munich, W. GermanyJune, 1979
5Massachusetts, U.S.A.July, 1981
6Matsumoto, JapanJuly, 1983
7Edmonton, CanadaAugust, 1985
8Berlin, W. GermanyAugust, 1987
9Matsumoto, Japan July, 1989
10Adelaide, AustraliaJanuary, 1991
11Seoul, Korea August, 1993
12Dublin, IrelandJuly, 1995
13Matsumoto, JapanMarch, 1999
14Turin, ItalyApril, 2006
15Melbourne,AustraliaApril, 2009
16Matsumoto, JapanMarch, 2013