The BSMA Gala 2023 was held on 8-9 April
at the Royal College of Music and
the Royal Albert Hall in London. 

Various messages were gathered for TERI's Web Magazine Monthly Suzuki, which are presented here.

From the Honorary Emeritus Director,
Helen Brunner (UK)

From the Piano Group Leader,
Grant Mead (UK)

From the Music Director,
Timothy Murray (UK)

From a Violin Playtogether Leader,
Fernando Piñero (Argentina)

From a Piano Teacher Helper,
Sachiko Isihara (US)

From CEO of the ISA,
Allen Lieb (US)

From a Musician in the Gala Ensemble,
Jon Cottle, Suzuki Cello Teacher (ES)

From the Official Photographer,
Bill Hiskett (UK)

From the Children
Who Participated

Digital online video of the concert can be purchased.